Milano Gourmet Restaurant and Charcuterie

Milano Gourmet is designed considering the natural elements engagement with the place. The program of charcuterie, restaurant and bar has been thought to be designed in a hierarchy yet being in an harmony. All these different identities are located in way that feeds each other in a unique attitude. Located on one of the most popular streets of Nişantaşı, Istanbul the place is meant to be one of the street bars of the town. The decoration aimed to reflect the Italian identity through the materials being used and the sensation. Approaching from the street, the citizens notice the green façade and the plants integrating with it. The sun blinds of terracotta color reflects the warmth of the interior space. The organic feel of the restaurant catches the visitors whom experience the façade and welcomes them through the widely open façade. The façade is left transparent in order to invite the visitors, giving a hint of the charcuterie identity through a section of a charcuterie fridge.

Being a wine cellar, a charcuterie and a degustation center the restaurant is planned in a way dispatching these identities through the two floors yet joining them via design. 250 m² of space welcomes one with a platform that is between the two floors. The wine bibliotheca that joins the two floors of the place.

Program: Restaurant, Bar, Charcuterie, 320 sqm

Location: Nişantaşı, Istanbul, Turkey

Year: 2018

Contractor: Aks Architecture Construction

Photography: Burak Teoman Photography