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About BA

Design can help us improve our lives, our habitual systems and surroundings. As BA we tend to re-write the conditions and change the circumstances for a better surrounding. We believe designing is a way of thinking that effects every scale and gets effected by them. Provoking the conventional common knowledges yet learning from them whilst designing is our manifest that leads us to all of the production that you see on this page.

Regarding the context, our conceptual approaches are to be consistent and firm. The well-designed environment should comfort and obtain a global approach.

Design is one’s right, not a luxury.

As opposed to the general misunderstood approach of that design should be expensive, hard to get or luxury we be believe that design is a must that anyone should obtain whilst living in a built environment. Built as in manmade or constructed from zero; it is necessary that it should improve the daily life of individuals in harmony with the social responsibilities that the context requires.

A designer has a common duty to understand the users habits and juggle with challenges of the constrains in order to find the optimum solution. Approaches generated by the architect ought to be delightful, comprehensive and reasonable.

Up to the slightest detail; a designed space can be generated with the same consistency and grace. We believe this approach is the spine that brings together aesthetics and functionality in a harmony. Our aim is to create a better and well thought built environment by re-thinking architectural typologies and re-writing them.

İpek Baycan Magriso has started her own practice in 2014, under the name of Slash Architects and realized various types and scales of projects with it until 2021. Since 2021, İpek Baycan Magriso pursuits her own career of architecture under the name of İpek Baycan Architects. Graduated from İstanbul Technical University in 2008; she has worked in many scales and types of projects under great names of Turkish architecture. Today, she is practicing architecture both in national and international arenas and tutoring in architectural studios in various architecture faculties of Turkey since 2011.

İpek Baycan Magriso had the jury special prize in 2015 Çanakkale War and Research Center National Competition Project. In 2017 the project, The Farm of 38°30° has earned the prizes of IF Design Award, Architizer A+ Award and WAF (World Architecture Festival) first prize in the category of “Production, Energy, and Recycling”. Also this particular project has been nominated to Aga Khan Architecture Awards in 2018. The same year, she has been chosen as the Young Architect of the Year by Arkitera.

About BA Clinics

Since 2014, İpek Baycan Architects has been developing projects in the Oral and Dental Health Sector, including Dental Clinics, Polyclinics, and Oral and Dental Health Centers (ADSM). In particular, the firm specializes in Polyclinic projects and offers expert insights and an original approach. Through the know-how and experience gained within this scope, BA Clinics, emerging from their planning and designs to date, also shares its experiences with healthcare professionals through publications on the website.