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Our Perspective Offices project was featured in the Arkitera Architectural Yearbook of 2017 selection. Arkitera Architectural Yearbook showcases projects selected from buildings produced in various scales by domestic and foreign designers, organized annually.

Perspective Offices was also mentioned in the Kalebodur ile Mimarlık series:

The four-story Perspective Offices building, designed in Mersin, is situated within an axis that includes numerous residential, hospital, and university complexes. The structure exhibits a dominant horizontal character rather than vertical elevation, setting an example for other buildings in its vicinity to have similar heights.

In Perspective Offices, the building’s architectural approach is to intervene the outside and inside sensation. By the existence of vertical gardens the office residents are isolated. The wooden blinds that are located according to the light are creating an environment where you can comfortably work in a climate such as Mersin.