Hospitaprime Polyclinic

Hospitaprime Polyclinic that provides two examination rooms and polyclinic needs within ninety square meters; comes across as one of the most effective planning that BA Studio has designed. Its structure, which reveals the potential of the usable area in maximum planning, offers a spacious waiting and welcoming area from the entrance with its fluid forms.

The reception/waiting area; that integrates with the circulation route via the unique ceiling hidden lighting design, offers visitors a minimal yet accentuated polyclinic experience. As the ceiling design that integrates with the corridor provides a clear orientation for the visitors, the vertical illuminated direction elements located along the doors illuminate the whole space.

Program: Dental Polyclinic, 90 sqm

Year: 2023

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Contractor: XPERA

Photography: Altkat Architectural Photography

In the design, in which the heart-warming tones of light gray and white are used, lights and shiny walls and white wood reflect the sterile feel of the space. With the minimal and clear approach of the planning; the corridor is right in the middle of the entrance while requirements of a policlinic regulations are located on both sides of the corridor. At the same time, the examination rooms of the polyclinic are positioned on the façade, prioritizing natural light and ventilation that a clinic requires.

Architectural tectonic of the space locates the public space in the widest possible way starting from the entrance. The polyclinic creates a continuous circulation thanks to the fluid and rounded forms of the walls of the space. The graphic focus in the center of the corridor is highlighted by hidden lighting and it was chosen to emphasize the aesthetic characteristic of oral and aesthetical surgery.

The fact that the walls of the clinic offer inviting perspectives with rounded corners is an illusion to make the space seem deeper than it is. The glossy walls and glossy lacquered doors of the polyclinic reinforce the clean and elite perception of the place.