Dentaland Dental Polyclinic

The dental polyclinic building in one of Gaziantep's uprising neigbourhoods aims to become the first dental hospital in the reigion. The building has two storeys of clinic floors and in the basement floor all of the services that are necesary for a clinic are located. The building has 500 sqm of construction area whilst having a footprint of 140 sqm of ground floor construction permit. Considering the shape of the land and the limitations on form, the architects came up with a solution not to build a building with a small outline.

Rather than building a mass which is almost a square shape we chose to place a green courtyard between the waiting lounge and the clinic’s examination rooms. Having this inner courtyard facing the main vertical circulation, our horizontal bridges and streets connect the entrance and gallery area. With the intervention of the "green core" the architects have enabled to have a bigger mass within the context and takes attention. Regardless of the expended size of the building the ambiance created inside is a human oriented both functionally and in terms of sensation.

Program: Dental Polyclinic, ADSP, 500 sqm

Location: Gaziantep, Turkey

Year: 2018

The ground floor footprint is smaller than the second floor outline, this enhances the effect of second floor and the roof being united via same facade elements and having its own character. The first floor is aimed to be more transparent between blocks of stone wall effects and yet the second floor is covered with a double facade, out of semi transparent metal mesh. This mesh “shell” facade of the building is shaped via the different parameters such as privacy and sun control. Whilst planning, we have cut the relationship of the two waiting lounges integrated with the gallery from the rest of the clinic rooms. This enables both visual and physical direct contact and creates a unified ambiance. Patient’s rising anxiety is diminished by separation of the operation and relaxation modules. The clinic rooms in every floor are designed as clear white boxes of exhibit rooms as this is a orthodontics clinic. In the program, the limited spaces above the ground are kept for waiting and examination rooms while the underground serves all the necessities of the clinic service.