Dental Prime Clinic

The 360 sqm polyclinic located in Samsun, Turkey presents a graphic look by exhibiting a two storey high policlinic space. The transparency of clinic rooms are perceived throughout the layout and the circulation is pretty much straightforward for the visitors to experience the whole clinic. The planimeter using the two storeys in the most efficient way, starts of with a spacious waiting lounge inviting the visitors in a generous style. The polyclinic has another reception desk in the second floor specialized for pedodontics which enables the polyclinic to serve almost independently.

Program: Dental Polyclinic, 360 sqm

Location: Samsun, Turkey

Year: 2023

Photography: Altkat Architectural Photography

Architectural tectonics of the space is designed with fluidity, and the clinic boxes standing out through the circulation changes the perception of the corridor feel. The dental polyclinic registrations are well thought of through the design of the polyclinic space which enables ergonomic clinic necessities in the most efficiency. One of the biggest concerns was to design a spacious clinic that has the best access to the natural light. Also the lighting design throughout the clinic is well thought of by emphasizing the clinic boxes and showing circulation. The spaces that need privacy are mainly located in between the clinic boxes with solid facades enabling the spatial moves which are crucial to the design of the corridor.

Designing the polyclinic, the specialization of pedodontics, endodontics and orthodontics  has given the architects to focus on different programs of clinic spaces and the dispatch of these specializations are done eloquently. The clinic is designed in shades of white and soft grey tones, aiming the sterile look of the space. The smooth walls and glasses invites the users to the space and the lighting is one of the most important elements of this unique design.