Dentagram Dental Polyclinic

The oral and dental health clinic located in the center of Istanbul and consisting of five examination rooms stands out strikingly with its permeability and inviting design that differs from its surroundings. One of the most important parameters in the dental health center design, is to create a lively ambiance indoors that can be observed from the facade. The circulation is designed on the plan axis with a way of integration with waiting area and a clear circulation network is provided. This circulation axis is enriched with an interior garden at the end of the corridor and integrated with green zen gardens. Thanks to these zen gardens which are designed along the corridor, the examination rooms which do not receive natural light are refreshed by the inner gardens and it is ensured that the patients are in a relaxing environment during the examination. With the help of the green alcoves, while the privacy of the examination rooms is ensured, the departments where the service units and the sterile spaces are designed are more impermeable.

At the entrance, the reception desk and the digital wall that welcomes the visitors directing them into the inner parts of the clinic. The waiting area is designed to be associated with the facade, allows the patients to feel themselves in the comfort of a cafe, allowing them to leave the patients psycology behind. Waiting area is designed according to different waiting configurations, lounge comfort make people feel like in a hotel lobby in one side and lounge waiting with another triple sitting group on the other side separated by steps.

Program: Dental Polyclinic, ADSP, 320 sqm

Location: Mecidiyeköy, Istanbul, Turkey

Year: 2016

Photography: Altkat Architectural Photography