Bebe Meatballs

Bebe Köfte(Meatballs) is an authentic restaurant that combines traditional meatballs of eastern Turkey with contemporary presentation. The space is designed considering these characteristics of the restaurant in a genuine way. The traditional identity is reflected with a contemporary approach to the existing space, providing the most effective planning.

The colors and textures that are chosen in design aims to create a warm ambiance enhancing the identity of a modern restaurant with a touch of conventional Turkish cuisine. The red terrazzo ground defining the siting areas within the space is contemplated by grey microcement circulation area creates a unique contrast.

Program: Restaurant, 65 sqm

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Year: 2023

Photography: Altkat Architectural Photography

In 65 square meters the kitchen, scullery and services are located in the end of the space aiming to ease the usage of the staff. The sales products are displayed within the space by a refrigerator that is embedded in the design of the walls. The eating areas are planned in the most ergonomic way that enables a great perspective to the space.  Kitchen, located behind the service bar is divided by a semi-transparent wall so that it provides indirect light in.

The tones of terra rosa and grey are finely used in the space, accompanied with wooden textures for a traditional look. The service bar is one of the trademark elements of the space with its touch of detail of textured ceramic materials.