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The Farm of 38°30° has been awarded in the 2017 World Architecture Festival (WAF) in the category of Production, Energy and Recycling.

The Farm 38° 30°, an iconic boutique dairy factory, derives its name from the coordinates of the site it is located in, the “38° 30° Valley of Art” in the village of Afyon Tazlar, in the province of Afyonkarahisar in Central Turkey. Located at the entrance of the valley, this dairy factory offers degustation for visitors, all the while exhibiting the production process of the dairy products of the farm. While ensuring maximum efficiency for the production line as in a “classical” cheese factory building, the boutique factory adopts a more contemporary attitude via its monumental form. The building wraps around an inner green courtyard and opens itself to the exterior via its large welcoming canopy. The building typology is upgraded from the status of a simple production space to that of a cheese showroom / museum.

İpek Baycan Architects - Dairy Factory Museum - Courtyard

You can listen to the architectural story of the Farm of 38°30°, documented by the Bir Plan Bir Mimar team, from the architects themselves: