The One Dental Polyclinic

The orthodontic clinic located on the east of Turkey in Van province is configured in a very wide space. The clinic rooms along the facade and the service units in the core are the interventions that were made while turning a classic business space typology into a clinic function. The clinic rooms along the facade of the space expose themselves like a glass box with showing their function. Bronze metal sides along the clinic walls emphasize an industrial style id meeting with a masculine style in a clinic building. This bronze also shows itself on the examination room that faces the waiting room. The niches along the waiting room and the lounges create possible seating areas for different groups. There are different functions like high seating, digital corner and children play corner located in the waiting room. With these various functions, lots of visitors will be able to express themselves and get engaged in different activities. The refined materials and tone-in-tone colors starting from the entrance of the clinic door give the user a feeling of a hotel lobby. The iconic counter and symmetrical order that the side niches are creating make the visitor feel comfortable and safe.

Program: Dental Polyclinic, ADSP, 370 sqm

Location: Van, Turkey

Year: 2018