TAK Kadıköy / Kıyı Köşe Competition

The project Activate-it aims to activate the Caferaga Sports Stadium and its surroundings with small interventions on public space and usages. Increasing the usage of the existing building, defining interventions through necessities and potentials of the site are some of the motivations of the project. The project is both adaptable and expandable due to various usages that are going to be created by the inhabitants of Kadıkoy. First modules that are going to be inserted to the area are aimed to transform and vary the habits of the site sand with the multiplication of the units, the site will turn into a sub-center of Kadıkoy.

The elements of the project serve for usages such as meeting, waiting through the daily activities of the sport center and when there are events being organized then it serves for cocktails and performance activities. Step 1: Considering the general usage of the Sports Center, the main circulation axis is left for the pedestrians and divided by railings. The first step is to implant the flowerpots as a starter of the system which defines the location of the units. Step 2: The modules that are going to be added to the existing system will activate the place and provide different usages. The existing entrance is also modified in order to activate the platform and create environment for cocktails and different usages.

Program: Urban Furniture Design

Location: Multiple Places in Istanbul, Turkey

Year: 2013

Status: Competition project, 1st prize winner

Team: İpek Baycan Magriso, Ediz Akyalçın, Rezzan Çökelek, Şule Ertürk

İpek Baycan Architects - TAK Kadıköy / Kıyı Köşe Competition - Visual

İpek Baycan Architects - TAK Kadıköy / Kıyı Köşe Competition