Khan Arms Factory Office

Designed as an extension of the Khan Arms factory building, the contemporary yet unique design of the 800-square-meter office block offers a private workspace that reflects the identity of the company. The office, which consists of two floors within the high-ceilinged structure of the building, leaves an iconic impression with a counter that draws attention with its softened form in the gallery at the entrance and the circulation carried to the upper level by a spiral staircase. The fluidity of the lighting elements that create the effect of raindrops offers a dramatic welcome to the user.

The widening walking axis and the cubic glass structure of the office rooms aim to eliminate the boredom of a continuous corridor.

Program: Factory Office, 800 sqm

Year: 2023

Location: Konya, Turkey

Contractor: Doruk Construction

Photography: Altkat Architectural Photography

The harmony of wood and brown tones gives the space a very warm and embracing feeling, while the wall-integrated furniture along the corridor creates stations that allow different uses. By integrating the furniture into the glass dividers, appropriate usages, and entrance doors following the identity of the rooms are designed within this system. With the presence of waiting and reception areas, public areas have increased, and elements that facilitate the daily life of the staff have been integrated into the space.

The offices of the administrative department and the cafeteria on the upper floor of the space are planned in larger spaces located at the beginning and end of the corridor, while the entrances to these rooms are unified with the cladding extending from ceiling to wall.

The architecture of the accounting, meeting, and secondary office rooms, which have consistent tectonics, emphasized by glass block masses, constitutes the main identity of the space. Structurally, the wooden furniture details inside the glass masses enrich the interior while offering privacy on the corridor side. The masses enriched with graphic elements define the dimensions and entrances of the spaces.