Japan Dental Store Design for Invisalign

“Invisiline” being a new age invention, is taking its place rather fast in the dental health sector. With this technology one can fix the orthodontic irregularities by using a custom made transparent dental sleeve product via themselves. “Japan Dental Store” is one of the very first examples of a shop that produces and sells these personal 3D print places. The notion of this new typology is both interesting and unique in terms of standing between the dental health and dental retail sector. This makes the subject hard in itself to deal with for the designers. As the designers our aim was to maintain the sensation of well-being of ones’ self and yet creating a charming and welcoming retail space for the sake of a new found product. The colors and the materiality choices are made by this approach and therefore they are giving the signals of “affordable luxury”. It is rather exciting to make dental aesthetics further accessible for the people without the stress of having to go to the doctors. These shops will enable public to be more open to try orthodontic treatments and therefore it is believed that these treatments will reach wider number of patients.

Program: Dental Healthcare Store, 64 sqm

Location: Japan

Year: 2019

The first one of these shops is designed to be in Japan in a shopping mall. The further shops will have the franchise like working system. The shops design will be adapted to the shape of the chosen shop. Our main concept revolved around the idea of the change and cycle of the treatment. With time and following the guidance of the product one can see improvement and reach the aesthetic solution that they pursuit. Therefore the cycle of the getting better was an important start of the idea. In the rectangular space there is a core which inhabits the instructors and their info desks. The circular route that ends where it starts is also a part of the information build-up. The users will enter and instinctively will be directed to the informative wall due to its charming nature filled with digital screens and dental sculptures. Following the route one can reach the rooms of dental measurement and cashier where the instructors also lead the visitors to. On the facade the architects aimed to give the impression of “a place for well being” and health as well as an eye catching shop window. On both sides the shop there are showcases of the dental invisiline product both digitally and physically where one can see real life examples and types of the different types of invisilines. The arcs of the shop windows and the main entrance also enhances the charm of the shop.