Blacksea Akçakoca House

The summer house is designed on a small village in black-sea region two hours away from İstanbul where they are inhabiting. The house has two storeys with a spacious living area located in the core of the house. As the living room is in the center of the housing unit it is more accessible and transparent, the private rooms are located at the ends of this linear housing; providing better isolation for the inhabitants of the house. The planning of the housing consists of rooms connected to the circulation spine, providing in-between semi-open courtyards between the rooms. These courtyards are identified with the rooms that are surrounding them. The linear section of the housing is fractured by these courtyards and the wooden shell has open and semi-open areas. The project has private rooms by the edges of the house which maintains their privatization and all of the rooms have their own gardens or balconies.

Program: Villa Design, 450 sqm

Location: Akçakoca, Düzce, Turkey

Year: 2016