Batı Orthodontics Dental Polyclinic

Batı Orthodontics Polyclinic is located in one of the most striking locations in İstanbul, Fulya. The polyclinic is facing one of the greatest green park of istanbul and Ihlamur Palace. The main entrance and lobby is designed mostly as an open plan providing enough space for the waiting rooms. The dental clinic rooms are planed around the contours of the existing interior benefiting from daylight and great view. Two corridors that run parallel to each other on the two sides of the reception desk are enabling the ring circulation through the space. The reception desk located in the center of the clinic welcomes the patients. Designers have created two different waiting room concepts. On one side the waiting room is designed as a lounge area and on the other side the waiting lounge is designed like a cafe configuration aiming to make he patients feel cozy and chilled out.

Program: Dental Polyclinic, ADSP, 450 sqm

Location: Fulya, Istanbul, Turkey

Year: 2016

Contractor: Aks Architecture Construction

Photography: Studio Majo Photography

Dental clinic units are located on the west facade with the vista of Ihlamur Palace, creating a display window in order to emphasize the clinic identity of the building. Rotating wooden panels designed for the facade act both as sun screen and as a way to maintain privacy and they can be altered via users. This interactive transformation of the wooden facade panels allow to have various looks of the facade. One of the main aim of the designers approach is to change the cold and sterile perception of a dental clinic interior. Considering this design approach the choice of warm materials, cozy colors and friendly textures are embedded to the project. Also the extensive use of green such as having zen gardens also improves the user friendly design of the waiting room. The wood material chosen for the walls and the floor is smoothly being transformed to more modest materials as the patients go along to the examination rooms. This transition is also emphasized on the formation of the walls of the lounge area inviting the patients to the interior of the clinic.